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Harmony Fishing Company

Harmony Fishing - Weight Pegs for Lead or Tungsten Worm/Flipping Weights (8 Pack = 80 Pegs)

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Brand: Harmony Fishing Company

Color: Black


  • Weight Pegs keep your weight pegged in place when texas rigging, preventing the weight from separating from the bait/hook, which is the leading cause of snags and hang-ups when fishing an unpegged texas rig.
  • Unique design fits into your worm weight or flipping weight for a tighter peg, unlike standard bobber/float stoppers. Compatible with monofilament, flourocarbon, copolymer, and braided line.
  • Includes 8 sets of Weights Pegs (80 Weight Pegs total).
  • Compatible with Harmony's Tungsten Worm/Flipping weights and other standard sized worm/flipping weights from 1/16oz and up.
  • Manufactured and warrantied by Harmony Fishing Company.

Details: Fishing a texas rigged worm, creature, craw, or lizard is an effective fishing pattern year-round for bass as well other predator fish. When throwing a weighted texas rig in heavy cover such as brush, wood, or grass, you'll want to peg your weight in order to prevent it from separating from your hook/bait and causing snags or hang-ups. Harmony's Weight Pegs make it easy to peg your weight. It takes 3-4 seconds to slip a weight peg on your line (see the product picture for instructions) to keep your weight pegged in place and significantly reduce hang-ups and snagging in grass/weeds during your retrieve. Harmony's unique Weight Peg shape is unlike standard bobber/float stoppers that are commonly used for this application. Harmony's Weight pegs feature a two-sided design, with the back end designed to fit into your weight's line-hole for a snug fit, and the front end coming to a cone-like point to slip through cover and allow your weight and rig to come through grass and weeds effortlessly. Package includes 8 sets of weight pegs. Each set includes 10 Weight Pegs, for a total of 80 pegs included in the package. The small size is compatible with Harmony's Tungsten Worm weights and other standard sized worm/flipping weights from 1/16oz to 3/4oz. Manufactured and warrantied by Harmony Fishing Company. Harmony Fishing is a registered trademark of Captain O-Ring LLC.

EAN: 0784099900679

Package Dimensions: 4.4 x 3.1 x 0.2 inches